Nome da Empresa

History and values

Miguel Veiga, Neiva Santos e Associados - Sociedade de Advogados, RL, was incorporated in the year 2002, giving expression to human and professional relationships dating back to the 1920s, when Luís Veiga, character that very soon became inescapable in the cultural and forensic life of the country, opened in Porto his law office.

In 1959, Miguel Veiga joined his father as soon as he returned from Coimbra. A few years later, in 1975, Luís Neiva Santos also shared the office, and the corporate jump took place in 2002 with the integration of Valdemar Pereira da Silva, Nuno Aguiar Branco and Adriano Encarnação, along with other Lawyers who already collaborated at the time.

The more than 80 years of history that we proudly carry are based on the brand and the purpose of providing our clients with legal solutions built on the diligent defense of their interests, however complex, difficult and multifaceted they may be, and never losing focus on them.

Over time we have been growing in number of employees at a balanced pace – without haste, without excessive enthusiasms and above all without suddenness – trying to reconcile pace with quality of service and cost balance while indispensable vectors to ensure professional independence and rigorous ethics.

The lawyers we recruited and who are currently part of our team originated in the professional internship made available throughout four years, during which they assimilated and interiorized the essential values of the profession and the corporate ethics of the Society.

Although we recognize that times have generated transformations, we persist in looking at the exercise of the profession through a prism of our own, serving our clients in the framework of a solid foundation of trust and technical competence, with the compromise of helping them maximize the protection or the reintegration of their interests, whether personal, family, patrimonial, economic or financial.