Nome da Empresa

Valdemar Pereira da Silva

Managing Partner

foto de Valdemar Pereira da Silva

Academic Curriculum:

Law Graduate by the Law Faculty of the University of Coimbra (1982).

Admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association as a Lawyer (1984).

Professional information:

Elected member of the Assembly of Representatives of the Law Faculty of the University of Coimbra (1979).

Elected member of the Porto District Council of the Portuguese Bar Association (1990 – 1992).

Member of the secretariat of the III Congress of the Portuguese Bar Association (1990).

Member of the Committee on the Recast of the Traineeship of the Portuguese Bar Association.

Elected member of the Board of Directors of the Portuguese Association of Young Lawyers.

Member, elected by the Assembly of the Republic, of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (2001).

Founder and Managing Partner at "Miguel Veiga, Neiva Santos e Associados, RL" (2002).